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Citrix Other Certification is credited with having established various different certification systems. Each of those certifications is for a specific area of IT expertise. Certifications such as these help establish the knowledge credentials of an IT professionals. Among others, it serves two major functions:
It helps an individual gauge his/her own level of knowledge and expertise
It helps potential employers in finding the right candidates for the various IT positions

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All Citrix Other Certification Certification Exams

  • 1Y0-118 Citrix WinFrame 1.8 Administration
  • 1Y0-256 Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 4.0 Administration
  • 1Y0-258 Citrix Presentation Server 4.0: Support
  • 1Y0-264 Ctrix Presentation Server 4.5: Support Exam
  • 1Y0-306 Citrix Access Gateway 4.2 with Advanced Access Control:Admin
  • 1Y0-308 Citrix Access Gateway 4.5 Advanced Edition: Administration
  • 1Y0-309 Citrix Access Gateway 8.0 Enterprise Edition: Administration
  • 1Y0-326 Citrix Password Manager 4.0 Administration
  • 1Y0-327 Citrix Password Manager 4.5 Administration
  • 1Y0-456 Citrix Access Suite 4.0: Build/Test
  • 1Y0-613 Citrix Access Suite 4.0: Analysis
  • 1Y0-614 Citrix Access Suite 4.0: Design
  • 1Y0-700 Citrix Application Firewall 8.0: Administration Exam
  • 1Y0-731 Citrix Netsoaler 8.0: Administration Exam
  • 1Y0-740 Citrix WANScaler 4.2: Administration Exam
  • 1Y0-800 Citrix EdgeSight 4.5: Admin, Perf.Mon and Load Testing
  • 1Y0-900 Citrix Provisioning Server 4.5: Administration
  • 1Y0-A01 Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0: Administration
  • 1Y0-A02 Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.1:Administration
  • 1Y0-A03 Citrix XenDesktop 2.0 Enterprise Edition: Administration
  • 1Y0-A04 Gateway 8.1.Enterprise Edition: Administration
  • 1Y0-A05 Implementing Citrix XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2008
  • 1Y0-A06 Implementing Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0
  • 1Y0-A08 Advanced Administration for Citrix XenApp 5.0 for Windows for Windows Server 2008
  • 1Y0-A09 Implementing Citrix XenServer 5.0
  • 1Y0-A11 Basic Administration for Citrix NetScaler 9.0
  • 1Y0-A13 Implementing Citrix Access Gateway 9.0, Enterprise Edition
  • 1Y0-A14 Implementing Citrix XenDesktop 3
  • 1Y0-A17 Implementing Citrix XenDesktop 4
  • 1Y0-A18 Basic Administration for Citrix XenApp 6
  • 1Y0-A22 Citrix XenApp 6.5 Advanced Administration
  • 1Y0-A23 XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2003: Administration
  • 1Y1-A19 Citrix XenDesktop 5 Basic Administration Exam